Macbook Pro 15 (2018) vs Dell XPS 15 (9570) – Best Laptop? | The Tech Chap

Macbook Pro 15 2018 vs Dell XPS 15 9570 – How does the MBP 15 and XPS 15 compare in terms of Design, Performance & Price – and which is the best laptop …


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  1. I just bought a used dell xps 15 9560 which is the previous model to the one just reviewed, for $1500 AUD and its the best decision I've ever made. The performance on this unit is amazing not to mention the quality of the unit itself. Do yourself a favour and test the unit yourself to see how good it really is.

  2. I recently tried the MacBook Pro and the HP Envy 13 side by side. Screen quality aside, one thing I found different was the quality of the touchpad pressing. the HP you had to push it harder than on the MBP. the keys were also nice. I have a MBA 2015, and the keys are nice. I wonder if many stick with Apple because of the quality and feel of the laptop, over the quality 'inside'. Plus the security – which some say Apple is just way tougher on that Windows.

  3. For those photo/video editing beware of one huge problem with the xps 15. The screen is very heavy on the reds and way over saturated. It’s pleasing when just watching things but is a huge problem when you need your colors to be accurate

  4. Honestly, I have owned crapload of PCs and Macs, most people are better off with PCs just because of compatibility of software and gaming. But hey, Apple is cool too, and just good with specific people. but honestly overpriced. With the 2700 dollar laptop, I can buy an almost maxed out Razer 15inch that can play most games on ultra settings

  5. The Tech Chap lies in this video about color accuracy. As such no one should trust anything he says, you have been warned.
    It's likely he just dislikes apple like many do on youtube.,

  6. The Tech Chap lies in this video about color accuracy. As such no one should trust anything he says, you have been warned.
    It's likely he just dislikes apple like many do on youtube.

  7. Wow you're such a liar The Tech Clap and I will never watch your videos again. You just lied blatantly. You say the macbook pro has worse color accuracy and then you claim it's because the dell covers more of the adobe color spectrum. You're a liar. It is not more color accurate. The DELL chooses to be more like adobe whereas the macbook chooses to be closer hto the Wide Color Gamut it Doesn't mean the dell is more color accurate you liar. It simply means the dell chooses adobe whereas the macbook (rightly) chooses to be DCP-I3 Color accurate. If you paid attention you'd see that the macbook is actually more color accurate in this regard which is what movies/most things are being made in these days. In other words. The macbook is more color accurate to what most films and videos are filmed as in 2019 whereas the dell xps is stuck in the past and is only more color accurate for people who are editing certain photos.

    In other words, you're spewing misinformation.

  8. The macbook has a better screen. It has better color and also it has a better 16:10 ratio over the dells ancient 16:9 . In fact the only thing the dell has that is certainly better than the macbook is a higher resolution screen but even that is unnecessary since the macbook already looks as crisp as it can get. PS you have to use chrome if you want to watch 4K content on your macbook at this time. If you do this you'll see the macbook actually has a way better display than the dell for a few reasons. 1. It's 16:10 2. It is more accurate in the color department (no yellow tinge) 3. The macbook has a brighter display (even 2013 macbook pro have brighter displays than the dell xps 2018)

  9. But the mac os is smoother and would not slow down as fast and is extremely reliable with the best build quality on the market but dell is still the winner I use this MacBook for final cut pro and app developing for app store that's my reason for having one the MacBook is also incredible performance.

  10. Still using my good old 2012 MBP. I barely use my home Mac these days, as my computer usage is mostly limited to work computer and 10.5” iPad Pro at home takes care of most needs. Wondering how ARM Mac rumored in 2020s will be with universal apps between iOS and MacOS.

  11. I think this is a dumb question but if I have a 4K labtop, will the quality on YouTube videos be higher quality than how it is now (1080p). Also, would movies on websites improve in quality as well?

  12. I want a good laptop for school and video editing. I'm already pretty invested into the Apple ecosystem and initially wanted the MBP, but the XPS specs are just so much better it's hard to ignore…

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