Nokia Lumia 1020 in 2018: Can this Zeiss phone camera still compete?

Support this channel on Patreon Can the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera still compete against modern smartphone …


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  1. Lumia has also much better Flash light, also a Real Foto Bottom.. this was what Nokia Should do today to get ahead again, and stop that Android crap with software focus, with multi micro linses.

  2. And in 2019 we finally get the Nokia 9 Pureview. It’s crazy to this day I’m still rocking my 1020 and 950. Hopefully, this new Nokia 9 can become a true Successor to the 1020

  3. This is true. Nokia phones back then were really innovative. Weird looking phones but i loved them. Nokia 3650 (rounded bottom), 3220(lights on the sides), 7600 (leaf shape), N-gage versions(gameboy shaped/style), 6810 or E70 (flip phone with qwerty when opened and the screen is in the middle), 3100 (no special feature, i just love the glow in the dark housing/casing), N90 (similar to hand held camcoder design), L'mour collection phones especially the 7380 (female designed for fashionable phone and 7280 for males), don't forget the 3210 and 3310 that can destroy the floor when dropped. LoL! and a lot mooooore designs from nokia..
    Those were the times that I am very fascinated about technology. Because of nokia phones.

  4. I was deep cleaning my room and found my old 640 XL, the last Windows Phone I owned. Even to this day, the camera on that laughably inexpensive phone is amazing. I remember proudly owning a Lumia 930 – I loved the metal band and the bright green back.

    This really gave me a sad, nostalgic feeling. Everything you said is very true. We will never get to see something like this, the envelope more than likely won't be pushed again and tacky looking color science keeps the masses happy.

  5. oh my god i swear this 1020 is better than the mate 10 by a lot. like, its more sharp. it the photo of his face, you can more easily make out his facial hair on the 1020 compared to the mate 10, and in addition, there's a smoother contrast difference. what an excellent camera

  6. thank you, now i know for sure, already knew, my aps-c fuji system camera outperforms every smartphone, even phones about twice the price like the iphone LOL

  7. NOKIA DIDNT FACE problem BCOZ OF CAMERA but BECOZ OF WINDOW….MICROSOFT couldnt get win 8 and 10 proper until now forget about win phone…….I am just waiting when there will be a strong competitor to Microsoft windows……..

  8. Pretty crazy that the pictures still hold up that well four years later. This is why people like myself don't care about things like thickness. I'd rather have a phone twice as thick as most current smartphones, if it meant a mind blowing camera, and a bigger battery. Too bad Windows Mobile was so bad.

  9. Brought a Lumia 1020 today for less than $80

    It was my dream phone back in the days. Finally got my hands on one. The optical image stabilization feature, and video and image quality is truly epic to this day.

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