Should Aspiring Pilots Go For Pilot Training

Graduating from a pilot school is not enough to start flying passenger flights. Graduates must necessarily undergo pilot training before they are given license to fly. There are various pilot training programs offered. Students need to have some basic qualifications before they are taken into any of these programs.

Students are given at least 45 hours of pilot training before they can become a licensed pilot. If one aspires to be a private pilot, they must necessarily and successfully complete three landings and takeoffs within 90 days. Only then are they allowed to carry passengers. Another important aspect students are trained on is leadership and command. Apart from this students must complete at least 65 hours of the national average.

Qualifications necessary for private pilot license include –

o Being 17 years of age and above

o Being able to speak, write and read English fluently

o Having completed 40 hours of flight

o Passing the knowledge test

o Obtaining the medical certificate necessary for pilots

o Having completed at least 20 hours of flying on their own

o Successfully passing the practical flight and oral test

There are various types of pilot training.

o The alternate recurrent pilot training is traditional in approach and is more topic-based. The aspiring pilot is trained on various aspects such as managing crew resource, flying high altitude, flying international flights, etc after having qualified for the pilot-in-command and second-in-command proficiency. Pilots are trained to use minimum equipments as a part of their crew resource management, examining the effect of the highest altitude flight in the body of the aircraft, reviewing the international procedure, ATC, FR and ICAO weather as a part of the international flight, etc.

o Accelerated flight school and flight training is an excellent training facility located in Florida Airlines, Kissimmee and Orlando providing students one of the best and advanced training programs. This institute boasts of some of the best flying tutors and instructors.

o The Regional Airline Academy ensures students are provided with placements and financial help to undergo training apart from pilot discussions and training.

o The Advanced flight pilot training boasts of instructors who are specialized. This institute is located in the Australia airport, Queensland, and along the coast airport. Courses offered here include the pilot training, helicopter pilot training as well as ATPL airline transport for pilot licenses.

o A comprehensive course with logical and sequential study materials is offered by the Hamilton pilot training system.

o The professional pilot training offers an excellent and personalized training for pilot aspirants. Training is based on a competency based system. Pilots are assessed based on their skills and aviation psychology. The professional pilot training uses the HPT or Hawker Pilot synthetic trainers. These are nothing but instruments for pilot training and procedural training. This system also provides internal review training for its students and new pilots.

o Balloon pilot training involves 8 hours of flight training along with 20 hours of ground training. Candidates are trained in pre flight preparation, launching, and inflation procedures apart from emergency management and difficult landings.

o The Euro copter pilot training program accepts only students with 75% or higher score. Curriculum includes aircraft systems, emergency procedures, auto pilots, and balancing of the helicopters.

Source by Sandra Rathbun

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