How to Meet Rich Women – Approaching a Rich Woman

Approaching a rich woman often intimidates men. Usually, men freeze and can’t think of anything to say. Discover how to meet rich women with these interesting and engaging conversation starters, and never be speechless again.

You must accept that rich women are just women. Don’t put them on a pedestal just because they have money. A rich woman is used to guys acting uncomfortably around her because of her wealth. However, you are the exception to those other chumps. Her money does not bother you. Her fancy car and giant house are no big deal to you. You must treat her like an equal or none of the following conversation starters will work.

Situational conversation starters work well in many everyday places like a bookstore. For example, if you see her eying a book, ask her about it. Two magic words to use are “I’m curious.” In the bookstore you may say, “I’m curious, you seem fascinated by that book. What’s it about?” The trick is to ask her about something that’s not a yes or no question. The question must lend itself to a two-minute conversation.

You may also try complimenting her to start a conversation. However, never compliment her good looks. If you do, she immediately thinks you’re just another guy trying to impress her. Instead, compliment something specific like her hairstyle or an accessory she’s wearing. Women are detailed-oriented creatures and spend a meaningful amount of time on their physical appearance. Therefore, they appreciate it when a guy notices the details.

Of course, you can take the bold approach. If you’re first learning how to meet rich women, try the other conversation starters before the bold approach. Rich women are attracted to men with confidence. You’ve probably heard bold conversation starters in the past. They can be cheesy pickup lines such as:

1. Can I buy you a drink? Or do you just want the money?

2. Did that hurt? Your fall from Heaven.

3. Do you believe in love at first sight? Should I walk by again?

4. Are you a carpenter? Because you just gave me a woody.

The trick with cheesy lines is don’t take them seriously. Deliver them with an air of fun and humor and hopefully, she laughs.

Besides cheesy pick up lines, you may also say, “I just had to come over and say hi” or “You have an incredible energy about you.” The trick with these bold sayings is to maintain eye contact and confidence.

Lastly, if you spot a rich woman and can’t think of anything to say, just go up and introduce yourself. Don’t get boggled up trying to think of clever and unique ways to start a conversation. Simply saying hello is 100% better than doing nothing at all.

When learning how to meet rich women, you can use situational conversation starters, you can try complimenting her, or you can be bold. However, in every case, going up to a rich woman and saying anything at all is your best strategy.

Source by Robert Vrabel

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