Men’s Style Secrets Worth Knowing

If you’ve been a regular reader of men’s fashion and all its aspects, you might have come across fashion basics somewhere of the other. The basics include what you must look for when you step to buy new clothes including the fit, style, and a lot more. You might have already been through so many things that help you figure out the best clothing styles and how to get the best of them. This article will go a little further in men’s fashion.

This article talks about the various secret that men must know beyond the basics and must always keep in mind when the idea is to have a stylish appeal.

Comfort is the key

Well, wearing something that makes you look exceptionally good but is not comfortable at all within is not worth wearing. Comfort is the priority as well as the basic of every style. Whether you sport a simple Polo shirt with Chino trousers or a tuxedo, what matters is how comfortable you feel in these clothes. However, men feel quite comfortable in their boxers but you can afford to wear them for every outing. Hence, comfort means when you look absolutely stunning in your outfit without having the feeling to adjust every now and then.

Use wet wipes for cleaning accessories

You might take the longer route to clean all your accessories like shoes and bags but there’s always an alternative way of doing it. You have been soaking them in lukewarm water with some solution for a while and then rub off the dirt with it to give them a polished look. However, if you want to save your time, you can also you use the wet wipes you use to clean your face in order to clean the accessories. Whether it your dirty shoe soles or wristbands or bags, the wet wipes will clean it like the nail polish remover cleans the darkest of stains.

The quality of the shoes matter more than you think

Men notice other men’s shoes more than anything in this world. Clothing articles are definitely on the hit list but shoes (whatever style it is, be it Derbies or Suede or any other style for that matter), men’s footwear are always noticed. Hence, it is mandatory for you to polish your shoes and keep them looking as new. Cheap quality shoes can easily be recognized by the others as well as by yourself. Your feet won’t feel the same level of comfort like they do in the good quality ones.

Give your cupboard a check before heading towards shopping

Earlier this year, my mother went shopping and bought around 9 sets of clothes for herself. Got them altered according to her size and finally discovered that she already had about 2 pairs in her closet that matched her new pieces. This happens with a lot of others and leaves them feeling regretful after that. Hence, you need to make sure that you check and recheck your closet before you head for shopping.

Trust the tailor and have one

In today’s time, with so many substitutes, all you need is a tailor who understands your needs and what you exactly want from your clothes. Having that might be a little difficult but once you get him, don’t let go of him. He would make sure that your shoulders aren’t looking too broad or the fit is just perfect for your physique rather than being too loose or too tight on your body. Get your clothes tailored for the right fit. This is not applicable in your men’s underwear aspect. For that, you’d have to measure yourself and choose the right online store from where you can buy styles like briefs or g-string.

With these secrets, you can have an updated style quotient.

Source by Michael Falcon A

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