Women’s worst nightmare comes to North America!

My original prophetic description:

At this point, i’m just honestly waiting for the unholy alliance of feminists and traditionalists to try to RE this. So go ahead πŸ˜€ …


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  1. A person of substance can not be replaced.
    For some time now women have been making alternatives to women a more viable option. Whether it is an outlet or something they end up bonding with it.
    There is a market for sex dolls out there and sex doll brothels are already becoming more popular than "real girls".

  2. TWICE clipconverter BLOCKED this video from being downloaded! Said that it contained material not suitable for most users or something like that. Only on the third try did it let me download.
    Raging Golden Eagle must've really hit too close to home with this gem.

  3. 13:14 Pretty much every woman on the planet will tell you to your face that they are more than just a vagina, a pair of tits and a pretty face. Well itΒ΄s time for you to figure out what that more is and actually take advantage of it because sex dolls are just that and they are winning.

    Do you even listen to yourself when you make these videos?
    You just used an example of sexually and romantically frustrated people as an excuse to dehumanized half of the human population.

    Have you ever thought that the reason why you think sex dolls are "Winning" against real women is because you donΒ΄t understand the social, emotional and humane elements of a serious relationship beyond sex?

    I think itΒ΄s you the one who needs to do some self reflection.

  4. Lets open the cupboard and see what salt we got in there.

    Iodized Salt
    Garlic Salt
    Sea Salt
    Lemon Pepper Salt
    Himalayan Mountain Salt
    Seasoned Salt
    Rub Salt
    Ranch Salt

    Pretty salty aint it? :p

  5. simple. people that dont want to fuck prostiutes and catch a disease instead use a simulated device. the rates of people with std's go down, they cant sell nearly as many antibiotics to treat people. yeah

  6. Sigh I predict my sister will get dump again by her new boyfriend again… then find another one next week. She dated 20 guys and proud of it…

    Usually they’re all rich guys and how I know this? She ducking brags how much money they make also bring them in the house secretly witch she is fucking bad at hiding that fact. Anyways my family hate her but still she still live in my house. Anyways I consider her she is a gold mine also she does cheats her boyfriend witch is how do I know? I read her diary. She has no respect and thinks relationship is simple. Just name a guy and called them boyfriend then has sex the same day she called them BF please someone talk to me about your whore sisters or brother etc. I would love to know I’m not the only one dealing with this thing.

  7. I think some dudes would totally do this for one reason… They love their wives, and instead of actually cheating out of frustration, they go screw a doll. And buying one would piss off the wife lol. So honestly, not bad.

  8. So, Feminists "object" to the fact the female sex-dolls are "slim & attractive" and perpetuate "conventional standards of beauty".
    …How much ya wanna bet the MALE sex-dolls are slim & attractive and perpetuate conventional standards of beauty?
    How much ya wanna bet the Feminists WON'T be bitching about THAT?

  9. great video. indeed. CNN is FAKE NEWS !

  10. Feminists beware, once men side with dolls, you've won.

    But now comes a new problem, what are the feminists going to complain about men then?

    That "Their not paying attention to us anymore." But then again, wasn't that what they were complaining about in the first place?

    I have no clue at this point, I lost track after, uhhh… something somthing.

  11. Not my scene but I'm in Toronto and, as I understand it today, the issue that closed it was a licensing issue: no "open" sex selling is allowed in the area, which is known as Willowdale. Of course, the area, and all of Toronto, is crawling with rub 'n' tugs and private sex workers.

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