Why I’m ONLY friends with beautiful women..

Answering some of my most frequently asked questions on Youtube. Hope this clears some things up!


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  1. There's one beauty in say, every hundred people; it can't be coincidence. It's either disingenuous or implicit bias. It's also business since she says Youtube is now her full-time job.

  2. I guess it was just one month ago when I watched your asmr video for the first time. Since then I' m watching your vids everyday. I just regret how I couldn' t notice you so far. You are beautiful because you are a shiny woman full of life and achieve your goals by doing what you desire. Your guests (models, friends whatever you choose to call) are beautiful, too. Because beauty and positive energy are contagious. They interact with you and their beauty appears in front of the cam. They have also strong personalities like you. That's why you could get together as friends in a certain period of this life. People meet similar ones which is called carma. It's weird to look for any other reason.
    Wish you the best of anything and everything ♡

  3. It's a crying shame that people's lives are so pathetic and empty that they feel compelled to make up conspiracy theories about you and your friends, like it matters where your clients come from.

  4. I didn't want to watch this video, because I knew exactly why you made it, having seen a lot of those ridiculous comments you mention, but I figure it's you and you're a damn good person, so why the hell not. One comment I've not run across, though, people actually ask you if you pay people to be friends with you? That's just fantastically absurd, I'd love it if it weren't so damn pitiable and delusional. Those poor askers have got to be such jealous kids, and that's just an unfortunate sadness.

    I swear, if I were a beautiful person on camera every day on YouTube, I couldn't put up with the stupidity hurled in my direction on a daily basis. You're one brave and tough person to keep slogging through the shit. Keep on rockin, though, we definitely appreciate the work you put into this channel.

  5. I definitely did think in my head that but then again I think most people are beautiful, and when commenters said model friends so I was ohhh that makes sense. They look like models. Also, the jokes about CA/so-cal people are kinda true, they tend to put effort into their appearances more than other populations and typically work out a lot, eat “healthier,” etc. And of course, societally, people of similar levels of attractiveness are more drawn to each other than those THEY perceive as significantly more or less attractive. Usually, subconsciously. Just the thoughts I had on this video. 🙂

  6. Just wanted to mention this on your latest vid. Your asmr is the most genuine out there. Its hard to put in to words. The overall vibe is just raw and caring. Especially when you see two people who have just met trust each other. Its beautiful energy. Thank you for the great content

  7. Haha! The end is priceless..🤣🤣 it’s amazing how much people focus on exterior beauty. But then again we’re all human. Thanks for sharing your natural gifts ✌🏼✨

  8. Julia, you are doing great! Let them talk, you do your art and healing and those who truly appreciate these videos, will only have good vibes and good things to say, the rest, delete away! Your models are very pretty, as you are. Thank you for your videos, they have opened up a whole new world to me.

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