Awesome Brilliant !! DIY idea for CARS

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  1. Не, если основание шире сделать конструкция будет надёжнее, вероятность упасть машине снизится до 20%

  2. The finished ramp he is using with the car is different than what he built in the rest of the video. Notice the longer board on the bottom. That wasn't there on the initial build.

  3. I initially thought Hacker was going to nail or screw all the 2×6's together like a sandwhich that he had on the work bench. That would have been OK with 12 pieces of wood and all cut at an angle for the ramp and huge long bolts holding these together. A metal kick plate at the back to keep these ramps from sliding would have been a great addition.
    I agree with most of the comments below about safety and the expense of the wood. I had a metal set of car ramps for years, and you can buy these used for $25 off Craigslist.

  4. You clowns that are hating this dude for building a ramp for "his" car probably, pay someone to change your oil? I put something together similar to what this guy did, I used and threw away the Wally mart ramps, it molested my front plastic bumper on my daily driver before it even started to rise up the ramp, I have access to pallets at work and will probably build something like this, it looks sturdy and functional, especially the piece up front to stop the car from falling off if you go too far, which I did, but luckily on my 4×4 truck at testing the Wally mart ramp. ONE SIZE DOES NOT ALWAYS FIT ALL

  5. Safety request before you kill yourself. Please modify the front plate to be trapezoidal in shape with the base at least twice as wide as the ramp stack and fasten it into the stack with a minimum of three 1/4" dia lag screws. Laying into a rusted bolt that requires you to put a great amount of torque on the wrench handle can easily create an overturning moment that will roll the ramps sideways when you least expect it. Don't take the liklihood of that failure mode lightly. An overabundance of caution is wise.

  6. As much as I’d like to rip apart some of the comments, I have to agree that this video as it shows will lead to severe injuries and possibly DEATH! The constructor uses soft wood (pine), which is a no-no. When it comes to vehicles and weight, the only safe way to build ramps or ANYTHING for that matter to hold the weight of a vehicle properly and safely is to use HARDWOOD (oak, walnut, etc) and have it as a single piece that is wider than the width of the tires. Or just buy properly constructed metal or poly ramps that will handle the weight of the vehicle you’re trying to raise. Knew a guy who dropped a vehicle on himself by not using the proper tools and after we pulled him out he coded twice – lucky to be alive today! This isn’t a joke and nothing to fool around with!!!

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