We Talk to Interracial Couples 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia (HBO)

50 years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Loving — Mildred and Richard Loving, who successfully sued the state of Virginia, forcing it to …


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  1. I’m not American, but my awesome bf is a White American. He accepts not only me being a different race but my culture and everything about me that’s different to what he’s used to. To Mr. & Mrs. Loving I salute them, because one day I may be married to my bf because of them.

  2. Its unfair but the fact is interacial relationships are complicated. The Black experience is unique & im not saying all but i feel far to many Blacks date or marry interacially because they have negative connitations of the opposite gender not purely out of "i love this person" I hear it from both Black men & Black women. Afro Americans have been bombarded by negative connotations of Black beauty & the constant glorification of White beauty. This effects our view of self. Also the constant irritating hum of mundane racism puts Blacks in a bad attitude & it's hard for two people with attutudes to coexist. It can be far easier when you have a partner thats not going through all that shyt. They become a refuge for you so to speak but nevertheless having laws that forbid people from being in love with one another is an evil thing

  3. Just to b clear…don't care who marries anybody. I just don't wanna see the certain black people complaining about racism when they have a white wife. U obviously don't care THAT much

  4. And white men nearly never marry black women. But black men jump at the chance for a white woman….hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….just a thought id like an answer to. Seems like every black celebrity I see is with a white woman yet we still have to hear about racism? Lol. Well that woman sure wasn't racist. And if you're hardcore against being put down for your race. Don't marry white girls! Duh! Speakin truth here. Like mike epps said in money talks……white men takin our sisters.lol...which rarely happens…so bottom line…black men need to search deep down and ask themselves why they want a white wife….hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. We're free to marry who we want….but why is it famous black men seem to usually marry a white girl? But yet racism is complained about. You'd think black men wouldn't dare do that. Just seems weird to me. I guess my point is…it diminishes your credibility on racist subjects if u marry a white woman. Sorry. Seems to me u prefer whites….so that starts a whole other conversation. Then look at the flipside……..hardle ever see a famous white lady with a black husband. Just a little somethin to make u go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My only guess is blacks aren't as against whites as people think they r. And that's a good thing. I have an aunt married to a black man

  6. wtf… who cares what color ur skin is.. who cares what color your eyes or hair is..u are a person.. they are a person.. who cares if ur ginger hair with a black head or green eyes with brown eyes or white skin with black skin. no difference to account folks.

  7. The lady in purple I believe is the one the story was based on don’t know how old she is but she still pretty looking physically and internally and is why I think that man was and sure still crazy in love with her

  8. Like I say all the time love is color-blind you don't judge a person because of their race religion or where they came from! is about where you going and to take that person along with you on that Journey God is love and love is God and people need to realize that if you don't like a person because of the color of their skin or how they dressed or same sex! whoever they choose to be with their soulmate just keep it to yourself if dont you have nothing nice to say Please b quiet! There's nothing wrong with difference!

  9. This is beautiful,marry whoever you want and who makes you happy.my parents are white adopted me (at 3 months) and 8 other multi raced kids.my parents didnt care about the color of my skin because my family knew better and loved me.growing up even till now my dad and i get looked at by other people or as a kid others asking why my parents were white etc.what ive learned is love is powerful

  10. I CANNOT believe that in 2017 some of these precious people aare still having parents and family members who say a member of another race is not welcome in their home!!! How is this still happening? Truly horrific.

  11. Maybe I just don't care who you choose to spend you life with but I've never seen an interracial couple and thought "oh that's different" or "they they don't belong together" because it really doesn't bother me, if anything I think mixed race children often come out with the best of both parents. Most of my friends are Asian so I'm like the token "white guy" but I am only really aware of it when my Caucasian friend's who aren't apart of that group of friend's take notice and make fun of me for it telling me I am trying to be Asian.

  12. This comment has nothing to do with the subject presented here but rather with the Lovings as individuals. It's been over a year since I've watched the documentary, but the thing I remember about both of them was their unique demeanor. They both seemed like the kind of people that you would want to be friends with.

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